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Updated at 23:07 pm 22 Jul 2022

Robbers steal jewellery worth ₹41 lakh from shop in Thane

Hindustan Times
A jewellery store in Thane had its back wall broken into by thieves, who took jewellery worth 41 lakh rupees and made off with 652 grammes of gold and 40 kilos of silver from the Kuber jewellery store in Shastri Nagar. 652 kilos of gold and 40 kg of silver were stolen from the Kuber jewellery store in Shastri Nagar in Vartak Nagar, Thane, before the burglars fled. Locals called the shop manager, Narayan Gopilal Rathod, to tell him about the break-in. When he arrived at the shop, he discovered that a sizable hole had been bored in the wall at the back of the building. Through the opening, the accused was able to enter the store undetected.